Upcoming Quilts

These are a few of the quilts I want to do for 2021, the year of Vicky, aka, Queen V. This will likely be a long post.

This is a log cabin version I’ve wanted to make for a very long time. I’m using an off white, Kaffe design roll and a bunch of Kaffe leftovers. I’m not loving it so far, but I hope once the borders are made and I piece together the whole thing I will like it more. It totals 1804 pieces and I still have 190 pieced strips to make for the border before I can assemble it.

This is one using my crazy curved templates. I made one in 2008 and it was a hot mess. 10 plus years later I hope to do a better job. I used 2 different fabric lines from Tula Pink. The more I made, the less I liked the blocks and the quilt as a whole. Then, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought what if I added some black. Yes quilts sometimes create themselves in my mind while I sleep. Here is the result and I am really liking it so far. Once I finish the log cabin, I’ll finish up these blocks. I hope it comes out as cool as it is in my mind.

Once I get those 2 completed I have a bargello I wanted to make. It also lets me practice on a mariner’s compass before I embark on a huge one I want to make. I bought this as a kit and while I haven’t seen anyone else make one, I still don’t like that all of them are identical colors. I also need a pop of color in all my quilts so I’ll be changing out at least one color from the ones in the picture so I get that zing I’m looking for. I’m eager to see what it becomes.

After that I may start the lone star. It was one of 2 quilts I saw that made me want to learn quilting. This is a simple pattern, so I’m told, but once I know I can do this I will likely make another. I likely won’t use that border idea cause it’s not speaking to me. I’m glad I made the 2 diamond quilts last year as I just wasn’t sure I understood how they have to line up when piecing. I bought the jelly roll recommend in this pattern so it will look close but I’m still debating the background color.

Next up will likely be this paper pieced one. I’m trying to go back and forth between different techniques so I learn to do them more accurately. I bought some unique colors for this one. Again you hope the finished one is as cool as it is in my head but it doesn’t always work out that way. I bought a multicolored blue for the background then wanted the stars to look like they exploded out from the center. I bought 2 colors of silver with black trim for the center star then off to one side I want to “burst” from yellow to orange and off to the other side from blues to greens. It wouldn’t be the first quilt to look better in my head but I guess we’ll know once it’s done.

I think after this I’ll give my brain a rest and make one called Simply Squares. It looks easy enough but it also looks like every seem will need to be exact. I bought jelly rolls for this as it recommended so I’d understand the color placement then I can remake using different colors.

I haven’t decided after that if it will be another bargello or another log cabin type quilt. While bargello’s are easy because you’re just placing strips, it does take some effort to make sure you choose the right colors to make them stand out. I haven’t decided on any colors for this one yet. I need to check fabrics I bought for another quilt as I think I’ll have leftovers and wonder if it would work for this one. The second one is a diamond log cabin. If I have enough, I want to use a bunch of blues I bought in Michigan last year. The log cabin looks a bit challenging so I hope I can understand it enough to not only make it, but get the colors placed right so it works out like it should.

This is the last quilt in my 2021 line up, or at least planned ones I want to do weighs heavy on my mind. I really do think it is likely way above my skill level and since it uses a LOT of fabric, I worry if I’ll be wasting it. My fear isn’t each piece but fitting them all together once I am done. 15 plus years ago I thought wow I would love to be able to make a mariner’s compass quilt. That started my quilting journey but I have never even tried it until now because it looked hard and like it would take a long time. Well 3-400+ quilts later and it’s time. I was so fixed on finding a mariner’s pattern I really liked, that I failed to notice all the flying geese. They are the bane of my quilting world. I don’t make them well which makes me dislike making them. But sometimes you just gotta go all in, so 2021 here we go. Well I guess I better not date it. I’ve never seen one someone made. A lot said they bought it but were too intimidated to start it so who knows I might still be here years later working on it. I purchased a lot of different batiks for the compass and geese and I bought white and hunter for the background as I was undecided which I wanted. I have a hard time lately sewing dark colors but not sure I want that much white in a quilt. Too boring for me.

Those are hopefully my 2021 line up. I still have hundreds of quilts playing around in my head and I know 2021 will likely include a couple of octagon quilts as well as I love making them. Well it goes beyond love. I think I’m actually addicted to making octagon and 4 patch poseys. I want to cut all my fabric into them and see how they come out.

So if you’re so inclined, let me know what you have planned for 2021. Have a blessed day.


One thought on “Upcoming Quilts

  1. Just like you getting excited to cut stuff up, we all get excited to watch you create these masterpieces!!!!!!!! I know you can do absolutely anything you decide you want to do. Anything else is probably too boring to do.
    So excited to watch you create.


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