Not Loving It But Someone Will

This isn’t one of my planned 2021 quilts but it is one I finally finished. The pattern is one from a Debbie Maddy book called Fantasy Stars. I’m not in love with the quilt but someone will enjoy it.

I cut this for a neighbor that wanted to learn to quilt. She lasted about as long as it took me to cut then she wasn’t interested anymore. No use wasting fabric, so I finally pieced the top and just got the quilting and binding done this week. The white centers don’t stand out in person near as much as they do in the pictures. They are actually a light cream color. It’s really pretty Christmas colors so eventually I will gift it to someone that will love it.

I have another one ready for binding and this one is on the machine to quilt. It may turn out to be my favorite quilt I’ve made so far.


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