My Amazing Sister & Her Hubby

I finally got a few minutes to add to my blog. Life is pretty quiet, thankfully, and I don’t have a lot to blog about. I did finally get to go see my amazing, sexy sister Jill and her awesome hubby Mark. I honestly can’t think of any people I would rather spend time with than those 2. They are just priceless to me.

We had a great dinner with Jill’s family to celebrate her birthday and then another with their friends Gayle and Debbie. Hope I spelled his name right. What a neat couple and super friendly. It is so nice to just spend some down time visiting, cooking together, etc. And of course, I got to visit with Ms. Maggie the Diva. She has discovered her love of sweet bell peppers.

Of course Jill and I did take a run to the local quilt shops. I found a beautiful floral that will one day likely become an octagon quilt and in the smaller shop I fond a jacket pattern I have looked for over the past 2 years. I want to quilt the fabric then hopefully try to make this. I haven’t sewn clothing in almost 20 years so we shall see how it goes.

While there Mark ordered me an early Christmas present, which was way too expensive but I love it. It arrived in the mail about a week after I got home.

I just can’t wait till November when they come visit. I love those two. Isn’t this one sexy piece of tanzanite jewelry. I will love it forever and wear it almost every day.


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