Can I Brag On My Quilters

Can I just brag on my quilters for a minute? Yes, I consider them mine as I feel I created them. I went to see Jill last month and I couldn’t believe that barely 2 years ago she didn’t sew and had no idea how to make a quilt. It is just amazing to see how much she has accomplished over the past year. I love seeing how excited she is looking at new fabrics and how easily she sits down to free motion a top without any lessons at all. She just amazes me. I wish I had a picture of her sewing.

Then there is Marilyn and Pam. WOW. They have taken to quilting like fish to water. I love seeing them learning new things but also being so excited about a quilt once it’s done. I especially love seeing they don’t settle. If it isn’t right they stop, take it out and strive to do the best they can to make it perfect. They have started heir women of the bible quilts which will be a big endeavor. Both have decided to use Christmas fabrics so it can be displayed in their home once it’s finished. Here they are last month showing off block one – Eve.

Tonia just joined us this year but I think she’s a quilter at heart. She’s working on her 4th or 5th one already. I love seeing her open new fabrics and you immediately see the wheels in her head start turning wondering what she’ll make with that fabric. Here she is playing with her original machine, a 1950’s Singer 99. She has an ungraded Juki now but I hope she keeps the 99 as it will last forever.

I’ve been quilting a lot for the ladies in my local class so I don’t piece as much as usual. But I love it. I get to see how much attention and care they are putting into each quilt top and I love seeing how excited they are once the tops are done and they can admire their work. It makes every minute of it worth it.

I have 3 new ladies at the church group that just started this month. I’ll see if it’s ok to take and post their picture. If so, I will introduce you to them next month when we meet again. Marie was an absolute hoot and Claudia took to quilting like someone that’s been quilting for years. She even has a sweet vintage Bernina (private joke). Angela wasn’t able to come to the first group but she’s already started on her top. Can’t wait to see what they accomplished.


One thought on “Can I Brag On My Quilters

  1. Beautiful works by your students. They are very blessed to have you as a teacher & friend. Love that you decided to pass Jill’s machine to someone who seems to appreciate it , I am sure that is making her smile.


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