After having it for several years and never taking it out of the box, I am experimenting more with my instapot. The ziti is even better than making in the oven and you can’t complain about any meal that you just dump it in and cook for 5 minutes. It was delicious. My favorite however (don’t have a picture) was risotto. I love it but don’t make often as it requires standing at the stove for 40 minutes and stirring while you add broth. But hello instapot. I almost didn’t try it but 10 minutes later I had some of the creamiest, most delicious risotto I’ve eaten in a long time.

Here is the pic of my ziti. I made it for the last ladies craft group. I’ve also been trying some new recipes just for something different. The smothered chicken was unbelievable and this potato, while a bit weird, was actually pretty good. It’s a baked potato topped with cheddar cheese, grilled chicken and a drizzle of homemade alfredo sauce and bacon. How can it be bad, it has bacon?


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