Changes At The House

I realized it was time to do some updating at the homestead. Eventually I may do some remodeling but for now it’s just furniture and rearranging. I bought a new living set then moved the chaise from the guest room to the living room. I have a friend staying in the guest room for probably quite a while, so we tried to make it more comfortable for everyone. We got her a really nice sewing table and set her up a sewing area in her room. This way we also have a dining room to use again. I thought with all that has gone on, plans have changed and I will likely be living here for quite some time so might as well bring it up to date. Figured I better leave the printer. With all this Covid crap I never know when we might have to work from home again and that’s my temp office when we do.

Here is the new living room furniture and the dining room has a new cabinet and the chairs are back. I was going to paint the 2 rooms this month but decided they can wait till after the holidays. Next up change the vertical blinds for curtains. I have hated those blinds since I bought the house. I think I will paint the living room coral.


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