I Finally Finished One Of My Own

I finally got time to sit and bind one of my tops. Luckily I think I only have 2 more left to finish and they are waiting for a friend to baste them. I feel like I’ve become addicted to making stack n whack quilts. I know they are simple but I love seeing what they turn out to be. Funny my sister used to tell me I had a form of ADHD. She said they thrill for me was seeing what it turned out to be and then I’m ready to move on. I think she was right. I get the blocks done, know what it will look like, then force myself to finish them. But I always do even if I don’t like them. Fabric is too expensive, especially after all the Covid crap.

This one really turned out to be one of my favorites. I ordered the fabric and when it came I was a little disappointed as I thought it should have been more vibrant but it worked well. I tried 3 different backgrounds and nothing thrilled me. I kept telling my sister I couldn’t decide because sometimes I thought it would be better black, sometimes I thought it’s be better brown but never found the right brown. She found me this black with bronze swirl and WOW. It was simply perfect.

It’s made using Philip Jacobs agate in green colorway and QT bronze swirl fabric. I love it with the new sofa. No one will ever comment my rooms need more color. I hate being blah.


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