No Buying Fabric Doesn’t Mean No New Fabric

Once more I am going to try and go one year without buying any unnecessary fabric. I will be limiting myself to backing or 1 small piece that will be used to finish something else. Yes I know what you’re saying. Didn’t she say this before? Yes and so far I have never succeeded. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again, or again and again.

However, I have discovered a way that I might get fabric and keep my no buy. There is an Etsy shop I buy fabric from on a regular basis and I got to talking to them about ways to boost sales. They carry a lot of one designer line and I suggested they offer kits for patterns when the new books come out. This week after posting my new quilt on that designers Facebook page and getting over 900 comments, I contacted her about a new fabric to make a teaching video. She mentioned she had never seen a stack n whack like I made and was going to ask the lady that makes her samples to do one. Apparently the lady told her no because they were too difficult. I thought that was crazy so I offered to make her one.

She insisted she pay for my work so we decided to trade in fabric. If I make her a sample she will pay me with enough fabric to make one as well. Sounds like a game plan and I get fabric without buying it. Can’t wait till she decides what fabric she wants me to use first.


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