More Home Repairs

Oh wait, did I mention between the water heater dying and the washer leaking I had 3 ceiling fans decide they would die as well. One the lights quit. One started making a horrible grinding noise and the other just gave up the ghost. Then this weekend one of the dogs got quite ill.

I must say I really like the new fans. Robert was nice enough to spend his only day off putting all 3 up this weekend. Makes you wanna ask, ok what next but I think that’s just asking for trouble and I’m not sure if I really wanna know. But, if the devil thinks he will discourage me, he better get a new hobby because it is what it is. He hasn’t figured out I have God and it won’t matter what he throws this way, I will pray and move on.

One of the new ones went in the sewing room and I was really happy to see it included LED bulbs with the fan. There is so much more light. However, that extra light made it obvious the room had become a huge mess. Did what we could to organize but that isn’t my forte.


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