Life Events Sure Can Be Overwhelming

I can’t believe all the crazy things that have happened in just a few short months. I’ve had days I felt overwhelmed. I always tell my niece that when you’re living the way God wants you to, the devil comes after you hard as throws road blocks in your path to discourage you. If that is the case, I must be living right but the devil didn’t make an impression. I firmly believe it is what it is. You go thru each day, week, month, year knowing God is in your life and even though crap happens, He is still there. We can’t become discouraged by the little things because in the grand scheme of things, they really are so tiny.

In December Robert had a car accident that while thankfully no one was seriously hurt, it resulted in both cars being considered a total because of age and no parts. The other driver decided almost 2 weeks later to sue but she can hash that out with the insurance company. We were able to get Robert an older car but in beautiful shape, well taken care of and he likes it. I added the pictures below.

After that it seemed like it has just been a snowball effect. You already saw pics of the deck that rotted and had to be replaced. The 3 year old fridge took a nose dive and had to be replaced about a month later. About 3 weeks after that, the hot water heater decided it was old and tired as well. Had that replaced last week and last night the washing machine started leaking.

One thing I learned is never have the water heater replaced when it rains. I couldn’t believe all the mud the plumber brought in going back and forth to his truck and the water cut off. He did his best to clean it up. Check out the picture below Robert’s new car. Those are the steam cleaner pads I used AFTER sweeping and a regular mop. YUCK.


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