Now My Most Cherished Belonging

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this quilt means to me. I have known some of the ladies in my online quilt group longer than I can remember. I can’t begin to express to them how special this quilt is. The got together and each made a block then Sue in Michigan assembled them all into a quilt in honor of my sister Jill. Tonia even made a block using fabric Jill had bought for me.

I tend to swap out my quilts hanging in my living room every year or so but I think this will be hanging a very long time on the main wall. One day I may move it to a bedroom wall but only because it will get less sun and therefore lower then chance of it getting faded. I may even request it be cremated with me as I don’t think it will ever be as important to me as to someone else. I hope she can see it from heaven and know how many people she touched in the few short years she was here.


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