This Should Be Fun

I’m starting my local quilt group ladies on their first ever mystery quilt. I can’t wait to see if they have fun and how all the quilts turn out. It’s always a gamble. Did your fabrics work for this if you don’t know what you’re making? The fun will soon begin. Well, as soon as they cut the first 900 or so squares.

Pam choose a dark blue background and beautiful teals.

Claudia choose peacock colors with a really pretty peacock background.

Marilyn choose these very feminine florals and I think she is using a white background. I think it will have a beautiful soft look.

I’ll be using a dark navy background and a couple of Kaufman Christmas jelly rolls. I love the silver metallic. I hope some aren’t too close to the background to stand out.

I don’t have a picture on Tonia’s but she is using a mellow yellow background with some really pretty jelly roll strips is different shades of orange.


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