It’s Been A Long 6 Months

I know my sister Jill is home with our Lord, and I know the pains she dealt with daily are gone, but I miss her terribly. Some days so much it hurts just to think about her.

I decided last weekend, while cleaning the house, that I needed to bring out some things that Jill and I both loved and use them in the living room instead of out of sight in a back bedroom so that’s what I did.

An old friend gave me this thread box several years ago and I debating giving it away and Jill convinced me to keep it because it was so pretty. She was right it really is whether it has thread it it or not. I moved it to the living room last weekend so I can see it more often.

I debated for a week if I should bid on this antique Martha Washington sewing table, Jill reminded me sometimes you just have to do it if you love it so of course I bought it. We had planned to decoupage it with fabrics until I picked it up and it was in mint condition. This weekend I hope to move it to the front room where I can enjoy it more than put away in a back bedroom.

And while cleaning, I came across another Jill memory. She, Mark and I went to visit our aunt and toured a blown glass factory that had such pretty pieces. Our aunt said pick something we liked. Going in separate directions we met back at the register and everyone had a good laugh. We stood there both holding the exact same bowl. Every time I see that bowl I remember how much I loved her and how funny it was.


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