I Am Back To Brag On This Woman

I know I already had a post about a young woman Claudia that joined my quilt group and that I am so thrilled to be able to call my friend. She has such a natural talent for creating things and making quilts that it amazes me. She reminds me in so many ways of my sister Jill. It’s hard to see the things she has done and is doing and remember she didn’t even sew 6 or 7 months ago. I’d say she took to it like a fish to water but I think she is beyond that as well.

I’ve already shown you the amazing pin cushions she made me that look like dress maker dummies but she also made me one that is stunning. It looks like a lotus flower. Just beautiful.

Her quilts are exact, well defined color wise and so neatly pieced it stuns me. I remember talking to my sister about the ladies finishing things so quickly and she said teach them a bargello. That will take a while. So I gave Claudia just the basics and started her on a bargello with some fabrics we had on hand, and figured next time we met I’d show her how to assemble it. Well to say I’m shocked in an understatement. I got a picture from her a week later with it finished and she did an amazing job.

Here are pictures of her pin cushion and bargello. She just finished a hat pin cushion I need to ask if I can share. It’s freaking awesome.


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