The Devil Is In The Details

It has been a really long time since I struggled to make a quilt but the latest one has been a challenge.

Jill and I picked out some fabrics for a quilt I wanted to make and after making 3 blocks, I hated it. You know me, my first thought was trash it, but Jill said bring it up and she’d finish it. Unfortunately she never got to finish it, so I brought it home with a plan.

Her friend Victoria is the hospital Chaplin and stayed with Jill through her last few hours. I wanted to make her something to remember Jill by and to thank her. I would have given anything to be there so I really wanted to say thank you. I finally thought what better way than a quilt that Jill and I planned together. Jill had mentioned she enjoyed quilts so I thought it would be perfect. And how much better is it the block pattern is called God’s Eye?

It took me a few months before I was mentally ready to work on it. I took it out and put it away several times. I was finally determined to finish it and a couple of weekends ago pulled it out again. I have to say, I honestly think the devil rallied hard for this quilt not to be made. It seemed an up hill struggle every time I worked on it. I realized I had not cut enough pieces for all 12 blocks and didn’t have any more of the fabrics. I reached out to a Facebook group for that fabric designer and several ladies sent me enough to finish each block. Should have been a piece of cake after that.

After that, every block I put together had mistakes and had to be ripped out. Every time I sat down the sewing machine acted up, ran out of thread, a piece was missing. You name it. I felt the devil was weighing me down every time I wanted to work on it. Through some prayer and encouragement from friends, I am finally making headway and I have to say the more blocks I make, the more I like them. Here are some of the ones I have finished.


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