Quilt Room 2.0

I am loving the space the new quilt room gives me. I use that space more than any other in my home so I’m glad to see it being used for what’s important to me. I have 3 machines set up on one wall so I can just move from machine to machine depending on what I’m working on. Robert set up my cutting/storage table in the middle of the room and let are area for pressing, relaxing and my longarm. I love that I can roll the design board where ever I want it. My favorite part of the entire room is the pegboard he added to the back of the cutting table.

My guest room went from the first picture to the new ones. I’ve changed a couple of lights and added a machine since these pics but I love the room. Next up I’ll be assembling my raffle quilt so Marilyn can baste it.

Original Room
My pegboard storage
longarm and design board
thread storage and pressing area
My machines

One thought on “Quilt Room 2.0

  1. -Yes we should use our homes the way it makes us happy-having rooms just sit empty seems silly. I have a queen size blow up mattress & a hide a bed & only a couple people are offered those. I am so over letting people stay for any length of time. All your hard work looks great, Enjoy 🙂


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