I Try And Keep Up

I try to keep up with my blog better but honestly, I don’t do much that is all that exciting. I work, I clean my house and I have my boys. That pretty much takes up a large portion of my time.

I have to share more pics of the things my friends are working on because I am still so impressed how much they have learned and how much they have accomplished in such a short period of time. I have a beautiful Christmas quilt of Claudia’s I’ll be quilting this weekend and another for Pam. Here are the ones they just recently finished.

Marilyn finished her mystery quilt. It came out so soft and feminine looking. The pastels are so pretty. She is gifting it to a cousin starting breast cancer treatments. I think she’ll love it.

Claudia is making some beautiful fall wreaths. Her talent amazes me. She sees something then just knows how to make it. These are just as pretty as her stunning pin cushions.

Pam just made her first carpenter star quilt (my favorite pattern) and I absolutely love the halloween fabrics she used. It came out great.


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