Figured I’d Do A Couple Of Posts

Thought I’d go ahead while I’m here and do a few posts to keep updated. So what else is new. Hmm oh yeah we had a possible hurricane. Those are always fun.

It’s hard to pray about hurricanes because praying they turn and don’t come into your area is almost like praying it hits someone else. This was scheduled to come around in the Tampa area as a category 4 almost category 5 storm. That would have been devastating to say the least. It turned but it still came on land as a category 4 in Ft. Myers. Quite a few people died and many lost their homes, businesses, etc. That area will take years to recover. Many don’t evacuate when asked because the storms change so much and some have no where to go but you don’t have a great chance of surviving a 7 foot wall of water washing over your home. I had friends that had water up to their roof line. I will say living alone and having these storms rattle windows and slam things into your house in the pitch dark is a bit unnerving.

We were lucky in our area. We had some category one winds and tree damage and many were without power for days but we didn’t have floods, alligators and sharks swimming in the streets and people drowning in their homes so thank you Jesus.

I am thrilled the kids had that 100 ft. tree taken down. Without a doubt it would have been laying on their house. I keep picturing the house falling on the witch and all that sticks out are those crazy socks. I just had a lot of yard clean up and I hope my cloak plant survives. It took a terrible beating and broke way back. Here is my before and after.

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