My Last Days At Hotel Hartshorn

Friday was awesome.  No driving and just hanging with my Ohio homies, Mark and Jill.  I just love those 2 to death.  You just can’t ask for better people.  They are the family you’d pick if you got to choose.

We sat around and just had a hang out day, ate and talked.  I even got to show Jill how to make a 4 patch posey quilt and poor Mark had to sit and ogle all our new fabrics purchased in Michigan.  I’m sure that was the highlight of his day but he does it all with a smile.   For dinner he even went and got us Chinese.  I’m so happy we like the same foods.   Chinese and wine – does it get any better?

Saturday it was a home made breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs and bacon to make breakfast tacos.  I can’t believe I forgot to make Mark real grits but I did leave the non-instant grits and some smoked gouda cheese along with directions of you cook them, not just add hot water.

Needless to say my visit was way too short.  I hate leaving anytime I see them but Florida calls as does the job.   So Saturday afternoon I headed back to Florida with a lay over in So. Carolina.  So glad I decided to stop half way.  With all the construction and I-26 closed, the trip home was 18 hours.  Can’t wait till I can live closer to them.  Just love those two nuts and those fur babies.



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