Working In My Own Little World

A couple of weeks ago one of the partners in our firm was exposed to Covid. Unfortunately without telling use he decided to come in one more day and meet with another partner, my boss. Both have now been home sick since January. I try not to be a germophobe but it bothers me how many people think only of themselves.

So, after having the office professionally sanitized and the staff all testing negative we are back at work. I decided you just never know so I’ve used the extra space in my office and made my own little break area. I feel like I work in my own world.

I’ve got my NuWave oven so I can literally bake or air fry anything you can at home. I’ve added an electric kettle that boils water for anything you want. I boil water then heat my veggies with it. I’ve used it for oatmeal instead of using the community microwave. And best of all I bought my own tea picture and I use it to make fresh ice tea. I’ve gone as far as to purchase my own insulated bottles and bring my coffee from home have my own coffee station in my office. I have my own cups and bring my own ice from home. Excessive, probably.

I have to say I rather enjoy living in my own little world here. I don’t have to leave except to talk to a client or use the bathroom which is bleach wiped throughout the day. Ok I might be a germaphobe after all. Waiting on boss to ok my own mini fridge but till then I bring everything in an insulated bag to avoid the community fridge.

And before you ask, YES I have my own personal popcorn machine. What good is an office without popcorn.

Love that sexy green bottle. A gift from my dear friend Marilyn.

That sexy bottle from my sister holds enough coffee for the day and keeps it steaming hot.

Have a blessed day and be safe my friends.


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