Starting Number 2 of My 2021 Projects

I can’t say I’ve been up to much except working and taking care of the house and yard. I did have a spazzy last few days as my long arm died, and trying to get the correct parts at the correct price proved to be a major headache. I have one part on order and if it doesn’t work, at least I know what else I need and where to get it.

I did get to start on the 2nd project I had planned for 2021. It’s a new bargello I haven’t done before. I opened the pattern to find while it’s made in a bargello style, you make numerous small bargello blocks and place them around the center. That center will be a challenge to me also. I’m not a huge fan of blue but since I hadn’t made this one before, I used most of the colors it called for. Not knowing exactly where each color would fall I wasn’t sure what I wanted to change Next time around I’ll be familiar with the pattern and can chose colors more my liking. It should be pretty but I will admit the pattern itself is a bit confusing. But that’s the purpose of 2021. My goal was to take no request, no deadlines, etc. and learn new techniques. I finished up the scrappy snail log cabin and I think I learned a lot about getting each piece to lay straight. I feel like I accomplished the log cabin for 2021. It may be a simple pattern but getting it exact has been a struggle for me in the past.

Here is the new one I’m just starting. As you can see if only got as far as cutting the initial strips.


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