I Have To Brag

I have to brag a little on my local quilt ladies. I was really impressed what they have been able to accomplish with so few lessons. I have taught a lot of people how to quilt over the last 10 plus years but it really is very rewarding and fulfilling to teach people who sincerely want to learn, and seem to be ones that will stick with it. The more people I teach, the more the craft continues and the more people that learn, makes the world a little brighter one quilt at a time.

The is the most recent one Pam has done For only a few beginner quilts under her belt her octagons and posey blocks came out great. I know she was so proud to see how nice it looked finished. She put so much effort into this and it shows. I think she’s about half way done with her next one. I’m truly impressed with how much she has learned.

Marilyn is another one of my wonderful students. I was worried as she is a perfectionist but she is so eager to be perfect that it shows in all her quilts. She has made a couple beginner quilts but her goal of making them all as perfect as she can certainly shows in this 4 patch posey she made. The sashing colors are perfect.

This is my newest quilter Tonia. She started off with a jelly roll race to learn her 1/4 quarter inch seam and I’ll post her top soon as we get it quilted. She’s already off on her next project. Her daughter wants a black and white quilt so she’s making her a sting quilt using those colors. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein only I’m creating quilters instead of monsters. Hmmmm might be closer to that than I think lol. Here she is working on her first one.

This is the pattern they want to start learning tomorrow. I think they’re planning on leaving one seam open and using as tree skirts. Mine worked out perfectly left round as my sister has a large round coffee table.


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